DataVisCamp 2020

Bridging the Gap between
Data and Humans

DataViscamp 2020 is over
and it was a huge success.
We had more than 300 visitors,
4 workshop tracks and several surprises.
The first presentations are online now.

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ST. PETERSBURG: UX and UI Design of Data Driven Products

Within the field of education we developed a new course: „User experience and user interface design…

DATAVISUALIZATION: A History Of Terror in the course of time

Global Terrorism has been a popular news item for over several decades. It’s a very complex issue,…

DESIGN IN PRACTICE: Poster Session Data Driven Design

On thursday we opened our poster exhibition at the human data interaction lab. These projects were…

HOLOLENS: Visualization beyound two dimensional displays

Together with our partners from APG and the campus we developed and evaluated several novel…

DATA AND SOCIETY: Ethical aspects of datavisualization

we started a new workshop series together with the province Limburg. During the first session we…

WEARABLES: Information visualization with Augemented Reality

The Human Data interaction Lab started a Research Collaboration with the Dutch Police and the Open…

EDUCATION: Dataviz specialization course back on the Campus

Finally we can bring everything together. Our Datavisualization specialization programme is getting…

VISITORS: Flemish Minister for Culture, Youth and Media visits us

Sven Gatz, the current Flemish Minister for Culture, Youth, Media and Brussels in the Bourgeois…

NETIMMERSE: Mixed Reality and Network Exploration

the Human Data Interaction lab presened VR & Mixed Reality projects and Data Visualization lectures…

We conduct applied research and provide education  in the field of data visualization, interface design and human computer interaction.

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