Towards bridging the gap between Privacy Terms and Society

In this article we take a closer look at different approaches of how we can interact with privacy terms in a more meaningful way while considering our cognitive abilities as well as the given time in a representative situation (e. g. buying a product online). We give an overview about related work, especially new approaches of how to reduce complexity from a user perspective through automated processes as well as visualization.

Besides, we give a short overview about algorithmic privacy, as the underlying concept leads to one of the upcoming (visualization) questions: how can we communicate such methods effectively? Furthermore, we propose an approach to validate if a novel visualization approach in this field has the expected effect on the interpretation.



Towards bridging the gap between Privacy Terms and Humans through Information Visualization
Kay Schroeder, Batoul Ajdadilish, André Calero Valdez
in Journal, Privacy in Germany (2020)