Visual Intelligence

The value of corporations have long been dictated by the access of these businesses to natural resources. Looking at the most valuable organisations nowadays it becomes visible that companies having access to data and are able to transfer data into information are the winners. Data has become more valuable than gold, oil and gas. So it is important to start seeing data as a natural resource to be explored and exploited by businesses.

But having access to data is just part of the deal: As the volume of data increases via a logarithmic scale, knowing how to use it becomes more and more important. The best companies know how to create value out of data by smart algorithms and smart visualisations. That is where the minor Visual Intelligence comes in.

The human mind is not capable of processing huge amounts of data packed in databases and excel sheets. Our brain is more designed by interpreting visuals. In fact: we can process thousands times more information from visuals then from data. The minor Visual Intelligence has the objective to teach you how to make data work for you in a smart way. We will do this by giving you basic insights how visualisations can be constructed (for indepth visual design: have a look at the minor Data Visualisation) and detailed development of your skills to interpret graphs and visualisations for better decision making. For more information: contact Ed Overes (

We organize Q&A sessions on Thursday 29 april and Monday 10 may 2021.
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