The Human Data Interaction Group conducts research in the field of human data interaction. We try to bridge the gap between humans and data through developing and evaluating novel ways of visual and multimodal interaction.

The Human Data Interaction group is led by Kay Schröder and operates within the Brightlands Smart Services Campus in Heerlen. Kay Schröder is professor of Datavisualization (Lector) at Zuyd University of Applied Sciences as well as visiting associate professor for UX/UI design at the Polytechnical University in St. Petersburg.

Kay Schröder has been working in the field of visualization for more than a decade now. He worked several years for the Climate Program of the United Nations (IPCC) and developed the visualization concepts for the world climate reports. Furthermore, he developed numerous national and international projects on the intersection technology and sophisticated design for Reed Elsevier, Gruner & Jahr, Lexis Nexis, the Belgian Pavilion on the Expo Shanghai and others.


Research Group

Prof Kay Schröder (lector)
Scientific Lead, Human Data Interaction

Ellen Pijpers
Project Management

Steffi Kohl
Social Computing

Marco Putzu
Industrial Design

Frederique de Jongh
Design Methods

Prof Dr Andre Calero Valdez
Human Algorithm Interaction

Betty Ajdadilish
UX Research

Rianne Bouwmans
Software Development

Henri Duijsens
Industrial Engineering

Jules Sinsel
Data Physicalization

Prof Ed Overes

Rolf Habets
Innovation Consulting

Dr Jiska v. de Ruitenbeek

Marcel Claus
Media Technology


Kenny Jeurissen
Information Design

Taryn Brouwns
Data Analytics



Research Partners

Dr Stefano Bromuri
Ai & Machine Learning

Dr Wiebke Eberhardt
Behavioral Science