DataVisCamp 2020

Bridging the Gap between
Data and Humans

Dataviscamp is a new initiative with focus on datavisualization:
We bridge the gap between data and humans.

In February of this year we hosted a Dataviscamp, during this event we offered multiple talks,, workshops and interactive
presentations to help you see and understand data from a different

This community brings together professionals, researchers,
students and industry.

We will organize more workshop and sessions this year!

Presentations from DataVisCamp 2020

New Workshops and Events coming up soon

We have an initial planning for the summer of 2020. This will consist of a workshop series, summer event and trainings. Due to the corona regulations we cannot yet disclose specific dates because they are subject to change. As soon as it is possible we will publish these dates.

If you wish to receive regular updates, please send us an e-mail to: