Thesis & Internships

It is possible to write your final thesis in the human data interaction lab.
Please get in touch with us to learn more about running research projects.
If you are enrolled at zuyd university of applied sciences you can also direct contact
researchers from the HDI lab for specific information.


Ellen Pijpers
Project Manager

Related projects

in the following section i listed a representive selection of past thesis projects.
Due to privacy reasons the students names are removed.


Visual Intelligenve
How to Enhance Customer Interaction Through Human Data Interaction
Bachelor Thesis, 2021
Sonification and HDI
Immersive Interaction through Audio-Visual Data Artifacts
Bachelor Thesis, 2021
Data Storytelling and Persuasion
How visualizing data relatedness can influence attitudes
Master Thesis, 2020
Data Storytelling
Empathie voor de migratieproblematiek vergroten met de hulp van een onontgonnen medium
Bachelor Thesis, 2020
Datavisualization in business processes
with focus on Human-Data interaction
Bachelor Thesis, 2020
Bridging the gap between machine modelling and engineers
User-centred data dashboarding in condition-based monitoring
Bachelor Thesis, 2020
Temporal Exploration of AIS Trajectory Data
Visualizing Movement and Density
Talent Programme, 2019
Gamification of learning
Hello Ai
Intership Project, 2019
Immersive Spatial Mapping
Visualizing Sensor Data in Immersive Environments
Intership Project, 2019
Visualising Financial Data
Multimodal Interactions
Intership Project, 2019
AIR Portal – APG Investment Reporting
Bachelor Thesis, 2019
Multi-omics data visualisation in virtual reality
Bachelor Thesis, 2018
Visualizing Health Data
Bachelor Thesis, 2018
Assessing Visualisation Literacy in context
Bachelor Thesis, 2018
Information Visualization
Comparing two and three dimensional representations
Talent Programme 2018
Visualization of Cargo Flows
Transshipment of Containers via Rotterdam
Intership Project, 2018
Immersive human data interaction
Exploration of Financial Data with Mixed Reality Devices
Intership Project, 2018
Blended Health
Evaluating different approaches of measuring and visualizing patient data.

Bachelor Thesis, 2017
Datavisualization or Data art?
The influence of aesthetics on the memorability of visualized information
Bachelor Thesis, 2017
Political discusions on facebook
Visualizing the quality of public discussions within social media
Bachelor Thesis, 2016