EDUCATION: Dataviz specialization course back on the Campus

Finally we can bring everything together. Our Datavisualization specialization programme is getting more and more attention within our university of applied sciences: This time we got so many enrollments from students that we are thinking about a second course in parallel in the future. Students from different faculties and study programmes like visual communication, communication and multimedia design, software development and business intelligence joined us on our journey. This time we got interesting guests from RWTH Aachen University (Human-Algorithm Interaction), Department of Knowledge Engineering – Maastricht University, Lark Info Lab (Alteryx workshop), APG, Province of Limburg, The Research Centre of Data Intelligence, as well as the Human Data Interaction Lab. In the weeks to come we will work on real cases from APG (Sentiment Analyses), WBL (IoT Sensor Data) as well as open Data from the Province of Limburg/CBS/Etil. For the first time we als integrated Visual Design and Web technologies as special skills track to support the hetergoeneous target group. This time we also integrated new didactical methods like Problem based and blended learning, flipped classroom and others.

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