Business meets Design: Design inspired by nature

November 2019 in Kerkrade

This year the fourth annual Business Meets Design conference takes place as part of the NATURE exhibition in Cube design museum. ‘Nature, collaborations in design‘ has been co-organized with Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum, in New York.

During this conference, experts from different European countries will show the audience: results, ambitions and dreams of designers who see nature as a source of inspiration and supplier of valuable new materials.

In addition, the conference is part of the IMPACT! Program, an Euregional program that aims to bridge the gap between designers, education and entrepreneurs. This is co-organized with the four Brightlands Innovation Campuses in Limburg and the designpartners in the Euregio.

During this year’s two-day program (6 & 7 November) we will show the impact of design in four major areas: materials, food, mobility and energy. Concrete tangible solutions for large and small companies will be presented as well as initiatives launched by companies, start-ups and designers.

Furthermore, we will dive into a number of exciting experiments that young designers are currently working on. By giving examples and telling stories we not only want to start discussions during those two days, but we also want to inspire every visitor (and participant) by case studies which he/she can apply to his/her own organization. 

if you want to attend the conference you can register here: